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Mixed League - Tables 2001/02

Division 1

Team Played Won Rubbers
Yeovil Graduates 1121291 Champions
Yeovil Graduates 212870
Weymouth Falcons12969
Westland 112557
Dorchester 112652
Bridport Royals 112020

Division 2

Team Played Won Rubbers
up Wessex Wanderers 112973 Champions
up Yeovil Graduates 312965
Westfield 112559
North Dorset12657
Weymouth Sports12654
Dorchester 212444
Westland 212326

Division 3

Team Played Won Rubbers
up Wessex Wanderers 2121187 Champions
up Bridport Royals 212656
up Charmouth 112752
cut Westfield 212751
up Crewkerne Hermitage 112650
cut Swirvs12450

Division 4

Team Played Won Rubbers
up 1Racqueteers141185 Champions
up Dorchester 314883
up Charmouth 2141178
up Dorchester Greys14872
up Bishops Caundle14859
up Portland Red Triangle14658
up Wessex Wanderers 314340
up Crewkerne Hermitage 214129

cutWithdrew at end of season
 1Double promotion to Division 2 due to restructuring

Note: The League was restructured to 3 divisions for the 2002/2003 season.