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Mixed League - Tables 1996/97

Division 1

Team Played Won Rubbers
Yeovil Graduates 11414113 Champions
Yeovil Graduates 214981
Weymouth Falcons141180
Dorchester 114870
Westfield 114544
down Weymouth Sports 114122
down Dorchester 214118

Division 2

Team Played Won Rubbers
up Westland 11616125 Champions
up Bridport Royals 1161492
up 1Yeovil Graduates 3161083
up Westfield 216673
Westland 216868
Dorchester 316659
Wessex Wanderers 116445
cut Bishops Caundle16034

Division 3

Team Played Won Rubbers
up Gillingham1212101 Champions
up Swirvs12964
up Racqueteers12654
cut Dorchester 412447
up Charmouth 112441
Wessex Wanderers 212539
Huntsman 112232
cut 2New Order5115
cut Dorchester Greys 1100

Division 4

Team Played Won Rubbers
up Beaminster Social Club12972 Champions
up Westland 312871
up Osprey Flyers12963
up Gryphon12657
up Weymouth Sports 212756
up Portland12230
cut St. Albans12129
cut Dorchester 5218

Division 5

Team Played Won Rubbers
up 3Westfield 31413104 Champions
up 3Huntsman 2141285
up Bridport Royals 214975
up Dorchester Greys 214969
up RC Sports14550
up Crewkerne Hermitage14343
cut Casterbridge14242
up Charmouth 214336

cutWithdrew at end of season
 1Formerly Yeovil Graduates 4
 2Formerly Willowbed Park RC
 3Double promotion to Division 3 due to restructuring

Note: The League was restructured to 4 divisions for the 1997/1998 season.