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Result of the Veterans Tournament - 2004/05

Playing in a single group, every pair played every other pair in a single game to 21 points with no setting. Starting scores in each game were determined according to the combined age of the pair, the greater the total age, the more points were awarded.

Before the tournament began, it was decided (because only one group was required) that if a single pair were to win all of their games, they would be declared the tournament winners. If no pair won all of their games, then the 2 pairs who won most games would contest a final.

It looked as though Cyndy & Andrew were on their way to winning outright, but in their last game, against Janet & Jon, they fell 0-15 behind before rallying to 18-15 and finally losing 20-21!

Thus a final was required, between Cyndy & Andrew and Lynn & Suresh, which Cyndy & Andy duly won 21-12.

The results of the games were as follows:

  Cyndy & Andrew Cheryl & Tim Julie & Cliff Janet & Jon Lynn & Suresh Della & Stephen Jackie & David Maria & Lester Sandy & Eric   Games Won Rank
Cyndy Mudford
Andrew Bentley
(Yeovil Graduates)
 2121202121212121 71st
Cheryl Bendoraitis
Tim Martin
(North Dorset)
15 2121921202119  45th
Julie Hillier
Cliff Aston
(North Dorset)
1011 212121172121  53rd
Janet Martin
Jon Reed
(North Dorset)
212018 1321212121  54th
Lynn Miller
Suresh Gandhi
(Weymouth Sports)
11211621 21212121  62nd
Della Salter
Stephen Rowell
(Wessex Wanderers)
12185169 212121  38th
Jackie Malton
David Calway
(Wessex Wanderers)
15212119919 2117  36th
Maria Tolley
Lester Cawley
83712291 10  09th
Sandy Sheldon
Eric Samways
1821171612122121   37th