CORONAVIRUS - the league remains suspended.
However we are planning to restart competitive play in October 2022.

News from around the League - 2015/16

14th May

The Annual Presentation Evening or APF was successfully held yesterday. Congratulations to everyone who collected a trophy.

20th Apr

Congratulations to Wareham & Purbeck for winning the KnockOut Cup final against Wessex Wanderers 2, and to Bridport Royals for victory over Charmouth in the Plate final.

22nd Apr

Both the Boys and Girls Junior tournaments have had to be cancelled due to a lack of entries sad.

20th Apr

Congratulations to Yeovil Graduates who have now completed the list of League winners by winning the FourTwo League joining Weymouth Network and Preston Racketeers as trophy winners.

12th Apr

The Divisional tournament for Div One has been won by Barry Harriss (Yeovil Graduates) and Wendy Field (Gryphon). Congratulations to them and thanks to all who participated.
Sadly the Div Two tournament had to be cancelled due to a lack of entries sad.

30th Mar

The date for the Junior tournaments has been moved once more, this time to 24th April.

28th Mar

Congratulations to Weymouth Network who despite losing their first match of the season have now an unassailable lead at the top of Mixed Division 1 and to Preston Racketeers who are uncatchable in Mixed Division 2 ensuring a swift return to the top flight for next season.

28th Feb

The Handicap tournaments have been played today. The Mixed tournament was won by Brenda Jones (Wareham & Purbeck) and Andrew Millward (Gryphon) while the Mens tournament was won by Robin Imms (Gryphon) and Dave Calway (Wessex Wanderers). Follow the link above to see the full results.

19th Jan

The Partner Swap tournament has been won by Rob Long (Dorchester) and Teresa Callow (Gryphon). Congratulations to them and thanks to all who participated.

16th Jan

The date of the Junior tournaments has been moved to 17th April.

17th Oct

Don't forget that in order to get a discount on your League fees they need to be paid to the Treasurer by 31st Oct.

14th Sep

Portland Red Triangle have today withdrawn their team from the Mixed League.

3rd Sep

Yeovil Graduates have withdrawn their team from the Mixed League.

23rd Aug

Clubs with multiple teams entered in the league are reminded of Rule B3(c) and the need to register the players for each team before ANY matches are played by teams from the club.

A player nomination form can be found here.

8th Jul - AGM

At the AGM it was agreed to modify rule B5(a) to remove sub-paragraph iv:
"Irrespective of which kind of approved shuttlecock is used a choice of speeds must be available to ensure that a legal shuttlecock is used for the match".

The FourTwo League has two new teams Gryphon and Preston Racketeers but Wessex Wanderers have withdrawn.

The Mixed League has gained one new team Gryphon 3 but lost Westland and Crewkerne Hermitage.


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