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Result of the Divisional Tournaments - 2005/06

Another well attended tournament saw the 5 Division One pairs play each other in a single group, playing a single game to 21 points with no setting. As last season, Barry Harriss with Jo Boucher (Yeovil Graduates) and Simon Watson with Kelly Fairey (Westland) beat everyone else, and the decisive match between them was effectively the final, with Barry and Jo victorious by a close score 21-17.

The Division Two tournament also had 5 pairs and was played to an identical format to the Division One tournament, with two pairs from Wessex Wanderers proving too strong for the other pairs. Stephen Rowell and Sarah House led comfortably against Mike Read and Jo Searle in the early stages of the decisive match, but were gradually overhauled towards the end, and although Mike and Jo reached 20 first, Stephen & Sarah held their nerve to win a very close match 21-20.

In complete contrast to last year, there were 16 pairs entered into the Division Three competition, and they were divided into 4 groups playing games to 15 points. The group winners then progressed to the main finals, the runners-up to the minor finals, and so on. Each of the finals consisted of semi-finals, a runners-up play-off and a final, all of which resulted in a finishing position for every pair.
The groups were won by Mike Horsey with Jo Godley (Wessex Wanderers), Lester Cawley with Sandy Sheldon (Charmouth), Paul Boggust with Angela Head (Dorchester Greys) and Steve Meen with Sonia Knott (Bishops Caundle). In the main finals, Mike and Jo dispatched Paul and Angela, but had no answer to Lester and Sandy, who had beaten Steve and Sonia in the other semi-final.

Here come the detailed results...

Division One

  Kerry & Chris Jo & Barry Kelly & Simon Ruth & Matthew Laura & Peter   Games Won Ranking
Kerry Mullen
Chris Ashworth
(Yeovil Graduates)
 8182121 23rd
Jo Boucher
Barry Harriss
(Yeovil Graduates)
21 212121 41st
Kelly Fairey
Simon Watson
2117 2121 32nd
Ruth Richards
Matthew Hillman
(Weymouth Falcons)
1396 12 05th
Laura Newman
Peter Fairey
13111721  14th

Division Two

  Cheryl & Tim Jo & Mike Jackie & Dave Ginny & Cliff Sarah & Stephen   Games Won Points Won Ranking
Cheryl Bendoraitis
Tim Martin
(North Dorset)
 14212118 1653rd
Jo Searle
Mike Read
(Wessex Wanderers)
21 212120 3 2nd
Jackie Malton
Dave Calway
(Wessex Wanderers)
1815 217 1614th
Ginny Brockway
Cliff Aston
(North Dorset)
2166 15 1485th
Sarah House
Stephen Rowell
(Wessex Wanderers)
21212121  4 1st

Note: Because 3 pairs finished with the same number of games won, positions were decided on number of points scored.

Division Three

Group A
  Jo & Mike Emily & Barry Liz & Peter Maria & Guy   Games Won Group Ranking
Jo Godley
Mike Horsey
(Wessex Wanderers)
 151515 31
Emily Greenham
Barry Greenham
(Crewkerne Hermitage)
7 63 04
Liz White
Peter Knott
(Bishops Caundle)
815 15 22
Maria Tolley
Guy Sweetman
91513  13rd
Group B
Wendy & Maurice Mandy & Martin Gill & Ian Sandy & Lester   Games Won Group Ranking
Wendy Stibbards
Maurice Larcombe
(Bishops Caundle)
 15156 22nd
Mandy Greenham
Martin Hooper
(Crewkerne Hermitage)
5 32 04th
Gill Stent
Ian Begley
(Wessex Wanderers)
115 10 13rd
Sandy Sheldon
Lester Cawley
151515  31st
Group C
  Angela & Paul Helen & Rob Babs & Robin Sari & Jay   Games Won Group Ranking
Angela Head
Paul Boggust
(Dorchester Greys)
 151515 31st
Helen Taylor
Rob McCready
(Crewkerne Hermitage)
0 155 13rd
Babs Bugden
Robin Bugden
(Wessex Wanderers)
911 13 04th
Sari Brice
Jay Sweetman
121515  22nd
Group D
  Cyndy & Andrew Cheryl & Tim Julie & Cliff Lynn & Suresh   Games Won Group Ranking
Maxine Sweetman
Peter Sweetman
 1067 04th
Julia Catovsky
Steve Maros
(Dorchester Greys)
15 415 22nd
Sonia Knott
Steve Meen
(Bishops Caundle)
1515 15 31st
Gill Bullock
Eric Samways
15911  13rd
The winners of each group then played semi-finals
  Jo Godley & Mike Horsey 15-8 Angela Head & Paul Boggust
  Sandy Sheldon & Lester Cawley 15-2 Sonia Knott & Steve Meen
  Jo Godley & Mike Horsey 10-15 Sandy Sheldon & Lester Cawley
3rd Place Play-off
  Angela Head & Paul Boggust 15-1 Sonia Knott & Steve Meen
The pairs that finished second in each group then played for positions 5 through 8
  Liz White & Peter Knott 9-15 Sari Brice & Jay Sweetman
  Wendy Stibbards & Maurice Larcombe 15-13 Julia Catovsky & Steve Maros
5th Place Play-off
  Sari Brice & Jay Sweetman 14-15 Wendy Stibbards & Maurice Larcombe
7th Place Play-off
  Liz White & Peter Knott 15-8 Julia Catovsky & Steve Maros
The pairs that finished third in each group then played for positions 9 through 12
  Maria Tolley & Guy Sweetman 15-10 Helen Taylor & Rob McCready
  Gill Stent & Ian Begley 15-5 Gill Bullock & Eric Samways
9th Place Play-off
  Maria Tolley & Guy Sweetman 14-15 Gill Stent & Ian Begley
11th Place Play-off
  Helen Taylor & Rob McCready 12-15 Gill Bullock & Eric Samways
The pairs that finished fourth in each group then played for positions 13 through 16
  Emily Greenham & Barry Greenham 12-15 Babs Bugden & Robin Bugden
  Mandy Greenham & Martin Hooper 6-15 Maxine Sweetman & Peter Sweetman
13th Place Play-off
  Babs Bugden & Robin Bugden 6-15 Maxine Sweetman & Peter Sweetman
15th Place Play-off
  Emily Greenham & Barry Greenham 15-10 Mandy Greenham & Martin Hooper
Overall Positions
1stSandy Sheldon & Lester Cawley
2ndJo Godley & Mike Horsey
3rdAngela Head & Paul Boggust
4thSonia Knott & Steve Meen
5thWendy Stibbards & Maurice Larcombe
6thSari Brice & Jay Sweetman
7thLiz White & Peter Knott
8thJulia Catovsky & Steve Maros
9thGill Stent & Ian Begley
10thMaria Tolley & Guy Sweetman
11thGill Bullock & Eric Samways
12thHelen Taylor & Rob McCready
13thMaxine Sweetman & Peter Sweetman
14thBabs Bugden & Robin Bugden
15thEmily Greenham & Barry Greenham
16thMandy Greenham & Martin Hooper