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Result of the Junior Tournaments - 2014/15

All players were given a handicap based on their age, and starting scores were adjusted accordingly.

Girls Tournament

The girls formed a single group playing each other in a single game to 21 points with no setting. To make it a bit more interesting, the handicaps were then increased by 2 points for the weaker players and the matches replayed! Then as there was still time remaining, the handicaps were increased by a further 2 points and a 3rd round of matches played. Positions were decided by most games won across all three groups.

Congratulations to Olivia Bailey who performed consistently throughout the event and finished in 1st place, just ahead of Erin Gowers who had to settle for 2nd for the second consecutive year and Eleanor Woolard who came 3rd, with Charlotte Strange in 4th.

1st round
  Charlotte Eleanor Olivia Erin   Points scored
Charlotte Strange   17 11 7   35
Eleanor Woollard 21   13 21   55
Olivia Bailey 21 21   15   57
Erin Gowers 21 18 21     60
2nd round
  Charlotte Eleanor Olivia Erin   Points scored
Charlotte Strange   21 21 16   58
Eleanor Woollard 19   21 14   54
Olivia Bailey 18 16   21   55
Erin Gowers 21 21 16     58
3rd round
  Charlotte Eleanor Olivia Erin   Points scored   Total points Rank
Charlotte Strange   17 12 21   50   143 4th
Eleanor Woollard 21   21 17   59   168 3rd
Olivia Bailey 21 20   21   62   174 1st
Erin Gowers 16 21 15     52   170 2nd

Boys Tournament

There are no details for the Boys tournament, except that it was won by Eddie Knell who was runner-up last year.

The entrants:


The girls winner and runner-up:

Erin Gowers and Olivia Bailey