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Knock-Out Cup & Plate Competition - 2017/18

NOTE: Results are shown as (points scored + handicap = total points)

Knock-Out Cup

Preliminary Round
C1:   Wessex Wanderers (368+0=368) lost to Yeovil (271+121=392)
1st Round
C2:   Charmouth (203+114=317) lost to Weymouth Sports (377+0=377)
C3:   Cerne Abbas (366+40=406) beat Yeovil (274+0=274)
C4:   Gryphon conceded to Bridport Royals
C5:   Bishops Caundle conceded to Wareham & Purbeck
By conceding their matches neither Gryphon nor Bishops Caundle are eligible for the Plate competition - Rule B1(p).
2nd Round
C6:   Bridport Royals (315+54=369) beat Cerne Abbas (312+0=312)
C7:   Wareham & Purbeck (342+0=342) lost to Weymouth Sports (286+84=370)
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Knock-Out Plate

1st Round
P1:   Wessex Wanderers - bye
P2:   Charmouth - bye
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