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Knock-Out Cup & Plate Competition - 2014/15

NOTE: Results are shown as (points scored + handicap = total points)
Preliminary round
M1:   Wessex Wanderers 2 (270+100=370) beat Dorchester (367+0=367)
M2:   Wareham & Purbeck All Stars - bye
M3:   Yeovil Graduates (364+0=364) lost to Wessex Wanderers 1 (280+90=370)
M4:   Bridport Royals (258+65=323) lost to Cerne Abbas (336+0=336)
M5:   Westland conceded to Charmouth

Preliminary round winners proceed to the Cup competition with losers in the Plate.
By conceding their match, Westland are not eligible for the Plate competition (Rule B1(p)).

Knock-Out Cup

1st Round
C1:   Wareham & Purbeck All Stars (295+0=295) lost to Cerne Abbas (328+0=328)
C2:   Charmouth - bye
C3:   Wessex Wanderers 1 - bye
C4:   Wessex Wanderers 2 - bye
2nd Round
C5:   Cerne Abbas (353+0=353) beat Charmouth (280+60=340)
C6:   Wessex Wanderers 1 (345+25=370) lost to Wessex Wanderers 2 (315+155=470)
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Knock-Out Plate

1st Round
P1:   Dorchester - bye
P2:   Bridport Royals beat Yeovil Graduates (conceded)
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